Tuesday, April 5, 2011

SOLD Cutest black and pink rose dresser set!

SOLD Cutest Black and pink dresser & nightstand! I just love the way these turned out!


  1. I love all your pieces they are unique and very beautiful. I want to paint the diamond pattern on a end table of mine. I was wondering if you have any tips that would help!!! Do u paint them all by hand? or do u use tape? I have been trying to figure it out and my brain hurts! So any tips would be great.

  2. Well Thank-you so much! I have alot of fun!
    I do use tape. These are the steps I take:
    1. I paint & prime one solid color over the entire surface.
    2. I line the tape up in rows one after the other, until the whole surface is covered. 3. I draw the diamond pattern out with a pencil. Depending on the size of the project, sometimes it helps to make a diamond template. As long as you get it centered in the middle, you can just keep on tracing the template. Sometimes this part can become a pain! I've had to re-draw my lines plenty of times!!!
    4. I use a razor blade along the lines, usually using the side of a yard stick to keep them straight.
    5. I Pull the tape out of every other diamond & lightly run over them with sandpaper, just so the second coat of paint will stick. Depending on the color change, sometimes I'll go over it with primer.
    6. paint exposed diamonds.
    7. I Remove the rest of the tape.
    8. I go over it with a sealer. For an antiqued look, I run over parts of it with the sander. And, I use a poly-stain to give it that antiqued look. If that's not the look your going for, you can just go over it with a clear polyurethane.
    Good luck, and have fun!!