Friday, April 16, 2010

SOLD I have so much fun painting childrens furniture! I get to use bright fun colors! I especially loved creating the stripes, on this pink, cream, and choclate dresser!


  1. Just wondering if the mirror came with the dresser? If not, where did you get it? I'm looking for something similar to sit on top of my grandmothers vanity. It had a round detachable mirror that went with it and in our move it was broken. thanks!

  2. Oh, I'm so sorry! I hate it when that happens! Is there no way to fix it?
    The mirror didn't come with the dresser. I purchased it online from Kmart, about 2 years ago. It was all white, and still very cute, I just painted it to match the dreser. I believe they still carry it, or one very similar. I would also check all your local second hand stores, antique shops,and classifieds, you never know what you might find! Good luck!